Car meal? Stir-fry is a go to in my house for a car meal night. How many meals do your kids eat in the car? Mine … a lot. At least, 2 nights out of 7, sometimes 4. No judgement please, but this is a reality for the world we live in these days. With 3 kids in programs after school it is impossible not to eat at least one meal in the car. Anyway, I thought I’d start sharing my car meals. Cause who isn’t looking for ideas!?!! Stir-fry is quick to make and quick to pack. I add their favourite vegetables, with chicken and of course some easy skinny rice noodles. It goes into a thermos to keep warm. Then 6 times out of 10, someone is happy that I made the effort.

Don’t forget, it’s also still warm after the program! For us tonight is gymnastics.

Candra Mae Wife of a Grocer

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