What’s inside

  • The Summer 2020 Curated Kitchen Box is filled with 12 – 15 of the hottest seasonal food products to make your eating habits this summer a hit! We have everything from snack goods, chocolate to baking items and more.
  • The Summer Box has over $220 worth of value, plus it includes recipe cards for unique food items, so that you can try something different in your kitchen.

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Subscription (4 Boxes A Year)

201 in stock


The Curated Kitchen Box was created to inspire you with new products in your kitchen. It was created for you the person in the household running the shots when it comes to food, or maybe you want to gift it to someone filling that role. This box of goodness is meant for you to try new products that you may have never chosen off the shelf. More importantly, you can try them at a reduced price so you can decipher whether you like them or not, without the full monetary commitment, just all the value. I have personally curated each product, featuring people I know personally who have put their heart and soul into creating the best products for your family. There are new brands that just got shelf space, Canadian brands, a few unique US brands and a couple of my gems from Summerhill Market.

Candra Mae Wife of a Grocer

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