Everyone is asking about protein rich vegetables, which is not surprising with this shift of focus on more of a plant based lifestyle. So, which vegetables really have noticeable protein and I don’t mean beans.  Here is some food for thought:

  1. Peas – 1 cup = 8 g of protein

Yes, peas hit the top of the list for protein, in fact you can often find it in a vegan protein powder. I am personally a huge believer in eating whole foods vs. powders when you can. They can be found year round, organic frozen peas in the winter are a great vegetable to keep you going. They are also packed with fibre, vitamin C & A. Peas are also a universallly loved vegetable in my house!

2. Sprout (lentil) – 1 cup = 7 g of protein

Sprouts are all the rage, and if you are looking for an extra punch of protein or antioxidants, just buy some sprouts.The whole sprouting process increases the bioavailability of nutrients and leaves little gems, a small mouthful can pack an enormous amount of nutrients.  Sprouts are high in vitamins C and K, and magnesium, and could help control blood sugar and aid digestion. The protein content of sprouts depends on the type of sprout you eat. One cup of lentil sprouts contains almost 7 grams of protein,

3. Brussel Sprouts –  I cup = 7 g of protein

If brussel sprouts are not in your rotation this may be the final push. Brussels sprouts are so full of fiber and really are a fairly unknow protein powerhouse. You can steam, boil, bak or sautee brussels sprouts, they have a ton of flavour and you can get your daily amounts of zinc, calcium, copper, choline, and vitamin K. 7 g of protein can go a long way in a meal!

4. Mushrooms – 1 cup = 3 g of protein

I feel like we as a society are eating and drinking more mushrooms than we ever had! I believe they truly are medicine for the body. They do wonders for our immune system and mushrooms provide a rare source of plant based vitamin D. The protein of the beautifyl vegetable is usually the go to for a meat replacement in a number of vegetarian meals.

5. Asparagus – 1 cup = 4.4 g of protein

Asparagus is such a pretty vegetable and contains so much goodness, you should keep it in the mix. I personally like to blanche them for 2 mins and put them on a vegetable tray when I’m entertaining.  They are easy to eat and generally, fun for kids too. Protein is definitely up there on the list but they also have folate, vitamin K and fiber. 4.

6. Broccoli – 1 cup = 2.5 g of protein

Broccoli is such a fiber-rich cruciferous vegetable that can improve digestion and bowel health and will help you feel full for longer. Broccoli is such a powerhouse vegetable and hopefully can be a vegetable in the rotation at dinner!

7. Spinach – 1 cup uncooked = 1 g protein

One gram of protein doesn’t seem like much but since it shrinks when you cook it you can add multiple cups to soups & stews and give that dish an extra protein punch!

8. Kale – 1 cup = 2 g protein

Kale is an extremely nutrient dense food, It can spark your cells like no other leafy green. Did you know that 1 cup has over 200% RDI of vitamin A, whoa…the protein is a perk!

Candra Mae Wife of a Grocer

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