I’m always trying to pack in a little more nutrients, protein or just plain health in anything I cook or bake. Sometimes it turns out great and sometimes not so much.

This is a twist on a classic. I used quinoa puffs instead of rice krispies in these traditional “rice krispie” squares. Then I added chocolate because I have a chocolate problem.

Here is the recipe from @gogoquinoa (there quinoa puffs are the best):

5 tbsp of butter or began alternative
1 pkg of marshmallows (or vegan version)
6 cups quinoa puffs

Basically, melt the butter and marshmallows together then stir in quinoa puffs. Pack into dish and drizzle with chocolate. Fun Fact: Quinoa puffs contain nearly twice as much fiber as nearly all other grains.


Candra Mae Wife of a Grocer

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