Meet the beet, one of the most beautiful and nutrient dense root vegetables. I find beets are sometimes forgotten in the mix of regular vegetables, maybe because they are sometimes awkward to cook or maybe because people find them hard to put into the regular menu list. I have been baking beets on Sundays and then using them various ways through out the week and here’s why:

  1. Beets can improve your digestive health –  because they are high in fibre. Beets actually resist digestion in your stomach and small intestine and help move other foods through your digestive system. When it reaches your large intestine it gets broken down along with surrounding foods and feeds your healthy gut bacteria.
  2. Beets are full of good nitrates. Nitrates (these are good nitrates, not the bad ones found in cured meats) in beets help improve your oxygen uptake in your body, which can help with exercise, exercise recovery, brain function and your blood pressure.
  3. Beets are good for your liver – beets are full of nutrients that keep your liver healthy. The betaines in beets help the liver eliminate toxins. And betalains encourage the detoxification process. Also, pectin, a water-soluble fiber in these root vegetables, helps flush out toxins from the liver.
  4. Beets help boost your immune system – they are high in zinc, copper, vitamins A and C, which are all nutrients that help your immune system stay strong. Beets also contain iron which is needed to help carry oxygen, keeping your cells strong.
  5. Beets can boost your libido – what?! Tell me more. The use of beets as an aphrodisiac dates back to the time of the Romans. Essentially beets are rich in a mineral called Boron, which plays a role in sex hormone production. Not to mention the nitrates we already discussed improves the blood flow which can benefit sexual health.

You can’t go wrong by putting these in the weekly menu run. They are so full of all the goodness and make any plate beautiful.

Candra Mae Wife of a Grocer

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