Roasting beets are simple and make a super easy meal prep food for the week. I find beets a bit intimidating sitting on the shelf at a grocery store, they are big and beautiful but awkward to place in a baggy and even more awkward to deal with at home. I like to keep things simple, with minimal clean up and even less waste.

1. Use the whole beet plant.

The first thing I do when I bring beets home is stick them all in a sink of luke warm water, green leaves included. I let them sit for 20 mins or so, to loosen up the dirt. I then rinse and seperate the beet bulbs from the greens.  The greens I rinse and lay out to dry for a bit, once they are almost dry I wrap in bees wax or place in a freeze ziploc bag for later use. The greenery of beets are so full of amazing nutrients and can be added to salads, smoothies or sauteed. I scrub the beet bulbs, but leave the skin on.

2. Don’t cut, wrap or season your beets

Once your beets are cleaned, I leave them whole and place them on  baking sheet with one simple sheet of parchment paper. I believe the less cutting or peeling that happens to the beet prior to roasting, the more nutrients stay inside. The less seasoning during baking means you can use all the seasoning post baking! This is truly a way to meal prep beets so they can be used for many different recipes throughout the week and can easily be frozen for later use.

Roasted Beets

3. Don’t over bake

A little crunch goes a long way. I find if you over bake beets, they lose their versatility. If I do a batch of beets, I may want them for a salad, baking or smoothies. I bake them unwrapped, on parchment paper at 350 F for 60 mins.

Once they are baked, let cool and use your fingers and thumbs to rub off the skins, your fingers may get a little colourful here! Then simply chop off the ends and chop beets accordingly or store for later use.

Here is a beet recipes to get you started! More coming next this week!

Beet & Apple Salad

Roasted Beet & Apple Salad

Roasted Beet & Apple Salad

Candra Mae Wife of a Grocer

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