Holiday stress. I feel like I have some authority on this subject! My husband, Brad, is in the food business and the holidays are his busiest time, managing a store and ensuring many other families in the city have plentiful food over the holiday period. This means that I often have to go it alone. Alone, meaning I handle all the festive events we attend or host, our three kids, all the shopping (including my own gifts) and then I host both of our families…on my own. Brad shows up on the afternoon of Christmas day exhausted and looking for a good meal himself. So yes, I have some experience when it comes to holiday stress. Although, let’s face it, there is no person that makes it through the holidays without stress. Every year the gift-giving, festivities and to-do list seem to increase. As always, I believe that good food cures all, or at least helps.

Here are 3 food tips to help manage the holiday stress, from the start of the day to the end of the night.

1.Stress Buster Smoothie

I can still hear my Mom in my head, telling me to eat a good breakfast to start the day off right. In fact, I find myself saying the same things to my girls…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Avocados and cacao happen to be two of my favourite ingredients in life and they both can help to manage stress in the body (i.e. manage cortisol levels etc…). Avocados are full of vitamin B and on many occasions internal stress can be magnified by a deficiency in vitamin B. They are full of healthy fats to sustain you throughout the day so it’s a perfect fix in the morning rush. Once you add cacao, you won’t look back. Cacao is full of magnesium which is essential for calming the body muscles but it also gives the body a natural energy high and adds great chocolate flavour.

Check out the Stress Buster Smoothie recipe here.

2. One Pot Classy Sloppy Joe

Whether it’s wrapping up school, going to Christmas concerts or finishing last minute shopping, we all know it’s hard to eat well on the go. Eating out can be costly and hard on your body, so quick wholesome food at home is a key to the holidays for me. Also, have you ever found yourself with a house full of people unexpectedly? If this sounds like you, here is the dish that you, the kids and your adult friends will love. This dish is my yummy take on the classic sloppy joe but with a modern twist. It’s savoury and sweet, looks amazing on the dinner table and super fun to eat. Oh and the best part? One dish, yes, one dish to clean!

Bonus anti-stress tip: This beautiful oval Le Creuset pot I used for my one pot sloppy joe, came from RBC Rewards , which means I bought it with points! So, if you are looking for ways to get through the holidays with less stress, how about shopping online with points? My family in the past has used our RBC Rewards points for travel, but my eyes have been opened to the many ways you can use your points to score great gifts. It’s the perfect stress-free shopping experience to buy for someone on your list or even for yourself (hint, hint). Oh, and also a great way to manage the holiday budget.

Click here to try the One Pot Classy Sloppy Joe recipe.

3. The Replenish Elixir

At some point towards the end of the day, your kids may be in bed and you find yourself with 30 mins of alone time. Whatever that down time looks like for you, I have something that will relax and nourish your body. Every single ingredient in this cup of goodness will help to heal the impact of the hectic day you’ve had and bring some sweetness to your night. You will be left with the best version of yourself going into bed, so you can do it all over again tomorrow. I know you Moms can relate. Enjoy!

Click here to try the Replenish Elixir.

Candra Mae Wife of a Grocer

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