I love entertaining, one might say it is my favourite thing to do. I love the organizing that happens before the event, I love making the food, or arranging the catering and I love having my friends show up to have a good time. Let’s not go too far though, there is only one thing I don’t like about entertaining and that’s the clean up. But, in order to appreciate the good things in life we have to deal with the down side or we wouldn’t define them as good!

Let’s be clear though, I am not an entertaining expert but I do know someone who is! I’ve asked my good friend Rebecca Wise from Event Wise (www.eventwise.ca) to give us her top entertaining trends for this summer. Rebecca runs her own event planning company and has a passion for putting on the best parties and weddings. Here’s what she had to say about trends for this summer:

  1. Everything pineapples and palm trees!

    If you are looking for the best outdoor/indoor flower arrangement for this summer, here it is! Tropical botanicals are a great way to set the mood to be festive and refreshing! Then top it off with an edible pineapple display or add in cool pineapple ornaments for décor. This sets a mood for a lake party, pool party or changes the indoors into a tropical oasis. Check out these pineapple plants, so amazing! Don’t forget about the kids, tropical popsicles always go over well!

  2. Low Key Do It Yourself Bars (DIY for short)

    If you are hosting a backyard or lake BBQ, the trend on serving is to have a station where your guests can do it themselves! This sounds like a winner to me! Rebecca suggests a poutine bar (sounds like a Canadian long weekend must) or maybe make your own Caesar salad station. I love this trend and don’t do enough of it. I’m generally a control freak so the thought of someone being in control of the final product makes me a bit nervous. Having said that, I’m a firm believer that a person will enjoy their meal more if they have put in some effort!

  3. La Croix Sparkling Water

    Sparkling water a trend?! This one is. I had no idea it was so popular until recently, but there is a strong following out there for La Croix Sparkling Water. It has no artificial sweeteners, sodium free and zero calories. It comes in twenty different flavours, yes TWENTY. They have super fun flavours from Tangerine to ones like Cherry-Lime. Try mixing up your favourite cocktail with La Croix instead of club soda? I’m sure it will be a winner with your guests. I find their cans to be unique, vibrant and make an outstanding display on their own! This is the first summer for La Croix in Canada, so why not be the first to serve it!

Candra Mae Wife of a Grocer

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